Gender Data Enablement Project

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Gender Data Enablement Alumni Survey

The IDEAL sponsored Gender Data Enablement project is one of many cross-campus initiatives through which Stanford hopes to create an inclusive, accessible, diverse and equitable university for all community members.

Transgender, gender queer and non-binary community members are not currently represented in Stanford systems and in many lived experiences on campus. Starting with the students, the Gender Data Enablement project will improve how our core information technology systems collect and share gender and pronoun information with other campus systems with the addition of more inclusive options.

Stanford is gathering input from alumni regarding plans to add pronouns and gender identity information to campus systems of record. In the fall of 2022, students will be presented a list of pronouns from which to select. Indicated pronouns will be published on class rosters and in the student directory. The addition of non-binary gender identity options will be presented at a later date. It is intended that these choices will be added to faculty, staff and alumni systems in the future. Stanford is looking for input from alumni regarding this initiative.

Please take the survey: Gender Data Enablement Alumni Survey. It is anonymous and only takes five minutes to complete and will provide valuable insight into the perspective of alumni. Please forward to alumni you know and encourage their participation.

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