Headshot of Kyle Duarte
Kyle Duarte

Washington, DC
Product Design ’05

Kyle an innovator and engineer who graduated from Stanford’s Product Design program. Kyle practices in Washington, DC. His work emphasizes Design Thinking principles that search for empathy with project stakeholders and consider a multitude of ideas before selecting and iteratively refining the best ideas. He is seasoned at managing diverse project teams across disciplines, abilities, languages, nations, and locations. A former mentee and employee of Walt Disney Imagineering, Kyle is fluent in English and American Sign Language. He has a wide range of experience working in the Mid-Atlantic region, including on projects touching data collection and analysis, community engagement, and disability inclusion.

Headshot of Eric Elkin
Eric Elkin

Vice President
Berkeley, CA
Human Biology ’88

Eric also received a master’s degree from the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. After working as a statistician in medical/pharmaceutical research for over 20 years, he currently works for Kaiser Permanente Northern California as a data consultant. Originally from Los Angeles, Eric has called the Bay Area home since graduating from Stanford and currently lives in Berkeley. He enjoys mah jong (American style), reading, movies, travel, and food.

Rudy Rubio

Piedmont, CA
Public Policy ’05
MA Education ’09

Rudy is currently the Director of Program Success at Minerva Project. Prior to joining Minerva, he managed the U.S. Partnerships team at Coursera and led business growth efforts in Connecticut as a Sr. Account Manager for BloomBoard, an edtech startup focused on educator professional growth. Before transitioning to the tech world full-time, Rudy worked at a research institute studying the use of free online teaching resources on a global scale and at the Institute of International Education, where he designed professional growth programming related to education, technology, and foreign policy. He did SLE, was a member of Stanford Taiko for 4 years, and managed several tutoring programs out of the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking.

Headshot of Laura Shact
Laura Shact

San Mateo, CA
MBA ’10

Laura grew up in Chicago and happily relocated to the Bay Area to attend the Stanford GSB. Prior to business school, Laura worked as a consultant in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting practice. She specialized in change management, communications, and training for technology implementation projects, and her favorite project during that time was working at Harley-Davidson. Laura works at Deloitte’s San Francisco office. Laura loves hiking and running outdoors. On weekends, she can be found hiking the “Dish” or exploring local parks. In addition to Laura’s interest in outdoor adventures, she also has a passion for international cuisine and considers herself a “foodie.” Favorite foods include Indian chicken curry, sushi, and gelato. She also loves to travel and offers consultation on the best reward programs for credit cards, airlines, hotels, and rental cars.

Board of Directors

All the officers listed above are members of the Board of Directors. The other members are:

  • Adam Bad Wound, MA Education Policy ’05, MA Sociology ’06
    San Francisco, CA
  • Claude Baudoin, MS Computer Science ’74
    San Rafael, CA
  • Jessie Dubreuil, AB English ’99, AM English ’00
    Santa Cruz, CA
  • Will Frankenstein, Mathematics ’07
    Washington, DC
  • Max Benjamin Johnson, International Relations ’15
    New York, NY
  • Ayşe Kenmore, MBA ’77
    New York, NY
  • Kelly LaBuff, Mechanical Engineering ’14
    San Francisco, CA
  • Brianna Lister, Mathematical & Computational Science ’14
    San Francisco, CA
  • Anthony Lopez, Communications ’04
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • Allison Martin, Political Science ’18
    Chicago, IL
  • Raul Rios, MBA ’06
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Kevin Wegener, Electrical Engineering ’00
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Lily Zheng, Psychology ’17, MA Psychology ’17
    Mountain View, CA

Presidents Emeriti

  • [1994-1995] Kathy Levinson, ’77
  • [2002-2004] Juan Jover, MS ’84, PhD ’85
  • [2005-2006] George Duran, ’89
  • [2006-2007] Nick Kelley, ’00
  • [2006-2007] Elly Matsumura, ’01
  • [2007-2008] Ryan Wirtz, ’04
  • [2007-2009] Anietie Ekanem, ’02
  • [2009-2010] Shiyan Koh, ’05
  • [2009-2011] Dwight Tran, ’06
  • [2018-2020] Brendan Hamel-Bissell, MS ’16, PhD ’16
  • Kathy Veit, MA ’88
  • James W. Haas, ’64
  • Jim Farah, ’68
  • John Elias, JD ’06
  • Nancy Baker, ’71