Evan Boyle

Stanford Pride Interview Series

The Champions Interview Series featuring Evan Boyle MS ’19, PhD ’19

Date: May 28, 2022, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT
Venue: Zoom

Join Stanford Pride for The Champions, a new interview series featuring Stanford alumni who are championing diversity and inclusion as members of the LGBTQ community.

Host Crys O’Grady (she/her/hers) ’12 interviews Evan Boyle (he/him/his) MS ’19, PhD ’19 to hear about Evan’s work in championing diversity and inclusion in STEM.

Crys O’GradyEvan Boyle

The format will be a 20 minute interview followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from the audience.  Learn more about The Champions on our website.

Listen via Podcast:

Evan Boyle

About Evan Boyle

MS Medicine ’19, PhD Genetics ’19

Evan is a molecular biologist from Western Washington. His research synthesizes insight from biophysics, applied math, and human genetics to answer fundamental questions about the molecular building blocks of life. 

During his PhD at Stanford, Evan studied how genetic variation can influence both molecular and human traits and posited an ‘omnigenic’ model for complex traits whereby disruption of any gene has the potential to contribute risk for diseases like diabetes and schizophrenia. He currently works in Gene Yeo’s lab at UC San Diego on RNA-binding protein biology. 

Outside of the lab, Evan directs two initiatives: the Diversity and Science Lecture series (DASL) for junior life scientists and the Queer Science Society for queer, trans, and allied scholars in San Diego. He is passionate about the importance of an inclusive climate for realizing future advances in STEM.


Diversity and Science Lecture series (DASL)

Queer Science Society