Oral History Project

Capturing and Preserving LGBTQ Stories from the Farm, thanks to the generosity of Stanford Associates

Stanford Pride is pleased to announce a grant from Stanford Associates to support an oral history project based on the stories of Stanford LGBTQ alumni.

With this initiative, we want to complement the work previously done in the 1995 “Memories of the Farm” booklet, and by others since then, and create a permanent repository of testimonials about the evolution of LGBTQ life at and around Stanford. This time, our ambition is to collect not only new and existing written material, but also use the power of audio and video to capture and convey these histories.

Our two project interns, PhD students Matt Kelly and Bonnie Krejci, and several volunteers have started gathering materials and interviews of LGBTQ alumni in various formats (written, audio, video). We’re also including the presentation of the project’s results in our planning for the October 24 Reunion/Homecoming reception. There’s really no set limit to how much we want to gather, as we hope to create a body of testimonials available to researchers and our community for years to come! 

We have begun to reach out to the community to collect and preserve written, oral, photographic and video accounts of your memories and history.

With your help, we’ve begun:

  • Collecting and preserving oral histories related to LGBTQ life on campus in a series of interviews, audio recordings, and short films gathered from alumni across the country and the globe;
  • Compiling a central catalog of stories and artifacts from the history of the LGBTQ Rights movement on the Farm over the last 40 years;
  • Creating a dynamic, accessible repository for Stanford Pride resources on LGBTQ issues, organizing, and advocacy; and
  • Connecting past, current, and future members of the LGBTQ community.

We are also pleased to welcome Prof. Andrea Davies, who pioneered similar work with her students at Stanford, to our Steering Committee.

How to Contribute

  • Host a group discussion and record it (audio or video)
  • Have a face-to-face discussion with an alum and record the conversation or take good notes
  • Process the acquired material through transcription or editing

Please fill our short survey form to help us. We will contact you to discuss the details.

We’re looking for alumni, student volunteers, staff and faculty, who can help share our stories. Please get involved if you are interested in:

  •  interviewing
  •  being interviewed
  •  filming or media assistance
  •  advising
  •  archival work
  •  outreach
  •  post-production
  •  LGBTQ history

To learn more and find out how to participate, contact:

Jessie Dubreuil, AB ‘99, AM ‘00


Claude Baudoin, MS ‘74

About the Grant

Stanford Pride is honored to have received a 2014-2015 Stanford Associates Grant to support an oral history project focused on LGBTQ alumni and alumnae.

Our goal is to complement the work done by others before us, notably Gerard Koskovich in his 1995 “Memories of the Farm” booklet, Professor Andrea Davies, the LGBT Community Resource Center, and the Stanford Archives. Leveraging our 3,000-member strong group, we aim to preserve the stories from our community so that later generations can understand our struggles and our victories.

We strongly solicit expressions of interest from alumni, student volunteers, staff and faculty who can contribute to the project.